The 7th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE2018)
November 1st-4th, 2018, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Invited Speakers
Session 1: Advanced Material Technologies
Session 2: Surface and Coatings Technology
Session 3: Characterization and Testing
Session 4: Energy Materials and Semiconductors
Session 5: Mechanics and Mechanical Technologies
Session 6: Nanomaterials
Session 7: Structural Materials

Invited speakers, accomplished researchers in the fields they focused, are cordially invited by the conference to make wonderful speeches on their latest research results and share the academic opinions with the participants from home and abroad.

Devices Provided by the Conference Organizer:
Laptops (with MS-Office & Adobe Reader)
Projectors & Screen
Laser Sticks

Materials Provided by the Invited Speaker:
PowerPoint (Note: Please show your paper ID as CMSE **** in the last page for the convenience that the best speaker would be selected)

Duration of each Presentation:
15 Minutes for Presentation, including 3-5 Minutes for Q&A.
The 7th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE 2018)
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